NRAS apartments for sale in Brunswick

You will receive over $103,500 to invest in Brunswick’s hottest new development and own a positive cashflow property that puts money into your pocket for the next ten years and beyond

Read on to find out how…

Do you know what smart property investors are investing in today’s market?

They are investing in property that makes them money from the moment they buy and continues to put money into their pocket, year in year out.

But, how are they managing to do this?

The Australian government is giving an NRAS incentive of $10,350 (indexed annually)—each year for 10 years—to a limited number of apartments in this luxury development in Brunswick. This means that, if you are one of the lucky ones to own one of these apartments, you will receive in excess of $103,500 TAX FREE over 10 years from the government. This will give you an instant profit and extra income and so begin building your wealth as quickly as possible.

You too can become one of these smart investors…

Here’s how the model works…
In exchange for receiving $10,350 a year from the government, the investor must offer their tenants a modest 20% off the market rent.


  • market rent is $450 a week
  • rent discounted by 20% = $360 a week
  • BUT you get back $182 a week net as NRAS incentive
  • So, you get $542 a week, this is $92 above the market rental value

The 20% discounted rent is tax deductible, so you get more tax back—which is less money out of your pocket.
Plus you will receive all of your normal depreciation and investment allowances

The NRAS incentive will give you positive cashflow on the property, even on 100% finance.

The beauty of NRAS apartments is that they provide investors with an income stream at the end of each year, but still undergo the same capital growth as regular investment properties.

NRAS apartments are in a highly desirable location

The location of the project must be in areas with high rental demand. These areas often have above average rents due to their popularity or an under supply of rental stock.  The Governments have specified particular areas with shortfalls in affordable rental housing in which NRAS Approved Properties can be built.  This is very appealing to the investor, as it means that the Government has carried out careful research on your behalf to determine which suburbs and postcodes are going to experience strong rental demand in the near future.

NRAS are the easiest property types to rent out. Why?

The rent is 20% below the market rental value and the number of NRAS properties is very limited meaning rental demand is high and tenants are queuing to move in. This greatly reduces concerns about empty properties and lack of steady rental income.

Here are some more of the benefits of owning an NRAS property…

  • Huge stamp duty savings and tax benefits – you can save about 95% on stamp duty (you will pay around $1,500 – $3,000) in addition to the government’s tax incentive. Compared to old property, it’s a no-brainer.
  • Easy to manage – existing management service the building, freeing you up to concentrate on your investments
  • Won’t drain your finances – this property gives you money. As it’s a new build there are no big upkeep expenses, unlike older properties
  • Low competition – only a low number of properties are NRAS approved offering tenants the great 20% off rental deal
  • Low risk – for all the reasons above, investing in an NRAS property is a safe bet and is why, many accountants and financial planners recommend their client to invest in a NRAS property.

In An Excellent location

This new development is located in a sought after precinct of Brunswick. Brunswick is renowned for its multi-cultural and vibrant feel, surrounded by bustling cafes, beautiful parks and gardens, sporting clubs and schools and very close proximity to Universities.

With demand for high quality rental apartments ever increasing in Melbourne’s high growth corridors each year the demand for rental properties close to the CBD is outstripping current supply.

Brunswick has outstanding public transport access via 3 tram lines, train and bus routes. Most importantly Brunswick sits within a 6km radius of the CBD making access to and from the city quick and easy.

  • Melbourne University: 8 mins car

  • RMIT University: 13 mins car

  • Sydney road trams: 3 mins walk

  • Train station: 3 mins walk (about 14 mins by train into CBD)

  • Queen Victoria Market: 12 mins car

  • Melbourne Zoo: 7 mins car

  • Royal Melbourne Hospitals: 7 mins car


The population of Brunswick is expected to grow by 500 persons a year for the next ten years. With this lands scarcity, apartment living will become the preferred option.


On average there is only a projected 188 dwellings a year to be built over the next ten years.

Do The Numbers

The average number of persons per household is projected to be 2.22 persons. With population growth expected at 500 person year, and only 188 dwellings projected to be built, there will be shortfall of about 38 dwellings a year. We all know the rules of supply and demand.

Shortage of supply

The rental vacancy rate in Brunswick has remainded below 3% since 2005. Meaning your property will be very easy to rent out in Brunswick.

The Food Leading restaurant

Food critic Urban Spoon has listed Brunswick as one of the top suburbs of Melbourne for Food and drinks.

The transport

100m from Anstey train station which has a direct route into the CBD (about 15 minutes into the CBD). 3 minutes walking to trams on Sydney road.

Limited apartments have been allocated to receive this $10,350 incentive from the government. I will be amazed if these apartments are still on the market within a month or so. With such a great cashflow opportunity and return plus a price of $409,000 for a large one-bed apartment and $469,000 for a two-bed two-bath apartment. All apartments include a secure car park and storage; these properties are not going to be on the market for long.

So what makes this property investment a must for someone who wants to be a successful property investor?

  • Great passive income investment with low risk
  • Quick return on investment—reducing risk no matter your age or economic circumstance
  • Great location—convenient and therefore attractive for tenants, making it easier on turnover
  • No surprises—cashflow and return are pretty much predictable
  • Less risk with your money

Is it really possible that I can borrow 100% of the costs of this investment property?

Yes. If you are already a property owner, you may be able to get 100% finance for the investment property. 80% of the cost would be covered by a new loan with the remaining 20% obtained by getting a new loan against your existing property or by extending your existing loan. If you don’t already own an existing property then you could borrow up to 90%.

100% finance will give you positive cashflow as well.

I will give you all of the numbers you need to calculate how much you could gain from the investment.

The advantages this property provides include:

  • 10% deposit today, nothing to pay until balance on completion toward end of 2014.

  • Save about 95% on stamp duty.

  • Management is in place so you do not have to worry about management.

  • After completion

    You will receive an incentive of $10,350 from the government each year for 10 years


There are only a limited number of NRAS properties available, and the overwhelming demand for these Brunswick apartments means that these properties will be sold quickly. Do not delay if you want to get in on the act and begin your journey to investment wealth.

Register your interest by organising a time to see us at our project site where we will go through the complete and detailed outline of how the investment would work, how to get involved in this property, and everything you need to know to make the final “GO” decision. Absolutely free and no-obligation.