How to Setup Your Self Managed Super Fund

…And Invest in Property Through Your SMSF!


The purpose of this self managed super fund live training is to educate you about how to set up a SMSF, how to invest in property through your SMSF, SMSF finance, property investment planning and how to avoid costly mistakes made by most people.

“Most importantly, you will discover how rental income and property capital appreciation can help to provide funds for your retirement”. 



SMSF Presenter: Harry Matsoukas

Authorised Representative of GPS wealth.
adviser # 321261, SUB AUTHORISED of FIRST EDEN PTY LTD # 1000094.

Harry has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry and is a Certified Financial Planner® professional with the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA).

Over those years he has worked with a number of large corporate  organisations and small boutique firms, with particular emphasis on superannuation management advice.


  • Would you like to be on track for a comfortable retirement life style?
  • Would you like to buy investment property using your superannuation funds and create wealth for a comfortable retirement?
  •  Do you want to save approximately half the tax your currently pay and increase your disposable income? 
  •  Do you want to take total control of your and your loved one’s financial future? 

If you’ve answered, “Yes” to any one of these questions, then attending this live training is a must for you.

Probably the pro-founding change underway in the Property market right now is – Australian’s purchasing Investment Property through their SMSF. In fact, the latest figures from the Australian Tax office show a 50% increase in property investment via SMSFs since June 2008.

Since the Global Financial Crises (GFC), investors are now looking to take control of their super funds and gain exposure to residential investment in an attempt to enhance the performance of their asset, reduce the costs associated with their super funds and manage their risks themselves.

Changes to super legislation now allow (SMSFs) to borrow money to purchase property. Until recently, this has not been possible. This means that Investors can now have as much choice and control over investment properties inside as outside super! You do not need to have a huge super fund balance in order to invest in property.

Join our SMSF live training and learn:

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  • The advantages of investing in property through your SMSF
  • Learn how to establish an SMSF – structure, trustees role, members, rules governing SMSFs and gearing inside an SMSF
  • Tax effective and funding strategies for purchasing property inside an SMSF
  • Provide easy to understand real life cash flow examples of purchasing a property through your SMSF
  • After the live training you will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of buying property through your SMSF.

Why would you consider investing in your SMSF?

  • With rising uncertainty in the Australian and global financial markets, many people want to diversify their risk through property investment
  • Traditional income, pension & superannuation will not be enough to insure your financial security
  • The future may be uncertain and even bleak if you fail to plan

The fact is most of us face retirement with not nearly enough savings but there are ways to boost your super for your nest egg. 

Most Australians are failing to plan for their retirement and may face a BIG SHOCK when the times come. Retiring in comfort might prove to be nothing more than a dream for many, unless action is taking now.

  • How much money you need when you retire?
  • How much money are you likely to have in your super?
  • And, what are you going to do to have enough funds to finance your retirement?

The majority of Australians don’t have anywhere near enough superannuation to retire on. We need sufficient super to finance us for 24 to 30 years of our golden years. But most people retire with fund to support them of 4 to 5 years.

“You need $1M in super to give you a comfortable retirement income of $50,000 a year for 26 years.”


happy family

The advantage of buying a property using SMSF funds can be illustrated by way of a case study.

Frank & Heather are 55 years old and intend to retire in 65.

They have a combined super balance of $150,000 and intend to contribute $25,000 p.a. each to their SMSF. If they buy a residential property valued at $400,000 and borrow$320,000 (80% LVR) at 7.90%, we can show you how their super balance can be boosted to $750,000 within the 10 years. The concessional tax treatment of the earnings and the Capital Gains Tax at the time of sale available only in SMSF makes a huge difference to the retirement earnings.

Join our free SMSF live training, there is no obligation, no hype – just good clear facts and proven strategies (Normally valued at $50).

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If you’re unable to make on this day, you can also register for our next event. Alternatively you can book for a one-one meeting to discuss further.

Look after your financial future today!

If you have any questions about the event call Harry on 03 9629 8188 or 0419 354 904.

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