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Success Stories from Real Estate For Success


“I would like to thank Sang for providing a great service in assisting me to purchase an investment property… exactly what I was looking for! Sang recommended me the right product that best meets my need and financial situation.The reason why we invest is to build wealth for our future and retirement planning. 

I would definitely recommend his service to any people I know. Sang replied to every query I asked and looked after my needs well.Great service and advice. keep up the good work.”
Samir Dube, Point Cook, Vic


“I am happy with the investment properties that Sang recommend and showed me. They are in good locations and the prices are acceptable. Sang put in all the efforts to assist me from A-Z and to take me around to see the sites, the areas where the properties will be built and I am happy with this service. Sang assisted me to select the floor plan, he’s address my concerns about the contract and also helped my financier with the bank guarantee. I also recommended Sang to my friends and colleagues. I am happy with Sang’s services and looking forward to buy more investment properties with him in the future”

Hung Vu, J P Kenny Pty Ltd, Melbourne CBD 


“We invest in property mainly because of the comparatively low risk in the long term and the ability to directly control where my invested funds are going and how they are being used (as opposed to shares or managed portfolio’s). Sang took the time to understand our situation and provided guidance on the options available. The product Sang recommended suited our available funding and timing for our family. 

Sang is honest and understanding and provides advice in a professional manner. We appreciated Sang’s approach whereby he does not rely on a rehearsed sales presentation or sly ‘used car salesman’ tactics, but rather clearly explains his research and calculations and allows you to decide without any pressure or hard-sell.

This was our first investment property after looking for some time at options within the property market. Sang had access to a range of properties and locations allowing us to explore a variety of options at once with his assistance. We met at short notice and I was impressed at the level of detail Sang could provide. I would say before meeting with Sang we were overwhelmed and unable to act due to the vast array of options – without Sang’s informative help and encouragement, answering all our questions and concerns, we would not have been able to make a decision and actually proceed with an investment. During the contract stage Sang was always available and very responsive to any concerns we had. He has provided us with the confidence to invest for our future.

I would recommend Sang’s service to others, knowing that Sang is genuine and interested in ensuring success in real estate for his clients. Buying property is risky and stressful with so many unknown processes and pitfalls. Sang has the knowledge required, the patience to assist a beginner and the character to ensure his clients interests are truly put first.”
Nathan Hall, CSR Lightweight Systems, Melbourne


“We were at a point in our lives where we wanted to invest for the future and retire at a comfortable age with enough income still coming in. Sang showed us a way to manage our finances and obtain a comprehensive property portfolio through personal experience. He explained things in a easy to understand and patient way. I highly recommend his services and look forward to working with him in the years ahead.”
Con Anagnos, Abigroup, Middle Park, Vic


“Dear Sang
Given that I am buying an apartment for the first time, which means I am not familiar at all with this process, you helped a lot to make this decision due to following:

  • You are very professional providing all information needed on time
Always available to talk and explain
Willing to help and provide not only professional, but also friendly advice

  • You are much better than the other I have met so far.

You understand my needs and you answer directly all my questions.”
Dr Goran Milosovski, from Melbourne University, Parkville, Vic


“Dear Sang,

Thanks very much for assistance and help. We were very comfortable with your service and you are very helpful and you know your game too. We are in it for the long haul and future. We invested because we want to have a better future in our old age later but also live comfortable without the pension and live week to week like the pensioners live now… and be able to go away on nice holiday and live comfortably too. We would recommend your excellent services to everyone we know and also our family and friends too. We believe fear brings out the best in people so I hope we did overcome it too.

We came with an open mind and attitude you showed us the facts and we came to the part. I believe that was part of overcoming the fear too. We appreciate your time and efforts to help us and your patience too. We are very grateful for your help too.
And we look forward to getting more properties with you in the nearby future.”
Darren & Anne Murphy, Business owner, Hillside, Vic


“I would like to Thank Sang for assisting me to invest in Parkville Apartment.

I love the location because It’s close to the city and the layout is very nice.
One of my biggest fear in investing is the fear of buying off the plan. It was overcame through numerous phone calls between Sang and Marina from Uniq. It was reassuring to know that the Vendor was a reliable company and that Uniq is a genuine company. And also Sang assistance with the legal issues. One thing i like about Sang service is very fast and effective in assisting you and answering all of your questions and he’s very transparent with everything. I don’t like to deal with people who play games so his transparency really helped.
I would definitely recommend Sang service to anyone.”
Ling Deng, Melbourne


“I wish to take this opportunity to thank Sang Duong for providing an excellent service in assisting me to purchase this investment property. I was pleased with the professional assistance you have provided with expertise. It was a good experience overall, and your suggestion and advise were impressive. Your information and service were much appreciated. Your professionalism was of a high standard and I have no hesitation in recommending you to any person who desires to invest in building wealth through properties.”
Kitty Cheng, Southbank, Victoria


“Sang has been such a fantastic property coach and listener. He’s down to earth approach and willingness to analyse different investment strategies according to ones needs and affordability is highly appreciated. Most importantly he’s very approachable, communicates effeciently despite time and is very helpful. He treats his clients finances as if they were his own and facilitates them wisely accordingly to the clients needs and wants, in addition to some recommended future plans.Thanks to his advise, my property for the Vogue Project in South Yarra has increased by 5% in less than 3 months! You rock Sang! I will not hesitate in recommending him to any new property investors or alike friends and family. This man knows what he’s doing and does it the best way! Thanks heaps Sang, its much appreciated”.
Janice Chung, Melbourne, Victoria


“Once again, Sang has been excellent in sourcing another quality investment property for my portfolio. As always, he is patient, and understanding, and will answer all your questions without hesitation.

He has in depth knowledge of the locality and benefits of the property he recommends, and the fact that he practises what he preaches gives me further confidence in investing in his products.
Sang has now helped me increase my portfolio from 2 to 7 properties over 3 years. It would be unachievable without his guidance. I highly recommend him to anyone looking at purchasing a quality investment property.
Steven Luu, Melbourne


“I am glad that I’ve made the first step in purchasing my first investment property at Docklands in 2008. I was nervous but happy to know that my decision at that time has earned me over $15,000 in four months.

My goal is get three investment property in five years. Others had done it in less than five year but I like to be conservative and have structure that fit me. Sang has been very helpful in helping me fine tuning my structures that align with my goal. In less than 9 months, I’ve made my second purchased at Burnside. I am looking forward to grow my portfolio and achieving my goal with guidance from Sang.
Overall, I am happy with the service that is provided by Sang and has purchased both of my investment property thru him. If you want to fast track your success and achieve financial security withproperty investment, I highly recommend you to speak to Sang.”
Linh Nguyen, Abbotsford, Victoria


“I would like to thank Sang Duong for the continuing support through the purchase of my first home. Through your high level of professionalism and friendly guidance. I’ve had a trouble-free purchase.

With your understanding and expertise, you have assisted me in the purchase of my first home and put me on the track for the future financial freedom. I’d like to thank you again for your assistance through the process and will definitely use your services in the future.”
Harry Wei, Victoria


“Upon years of researching the property market in sight of creating a better financial future for myself, i found myself feeling very overwhelmed. I had a goal but it wasn’t until i discussed my visions with Sang that i found myself feeling confident in the direction i am now pursuing. Sangs professionalism, integrity and service he provided was first rate and i have no hesitation in recommending Sang to anyone who is looking to invest.I would like to thank Sang for sharing his advice and insightful information, enabling me to make my dreams a reality. I look forward to continuing to work with Sang in the coming future.”
Dean Wagner, Southbank, Melbourne


“I sincerely like to thank Vanessa and Sang who had helped me to take the major decision of my life. I always like to buy another property for the investment purposes but never met the right person and the right company. Their professional experience helped me to make a major decision.

I was always scared and fear to go ahead and buy the investment property. After I met Vanessa & Sang, I felt confident in going ahead with the Travancore project. They both worked out my current income status, put figures on the spreadsheet and showed me the figures that I can manage to repay. They both are very professional and always contactable.

They are very helpful and very professionally explain all the cons and pros about the property investment. Now I am looking for the long term healthy relationship with them. I am hoping to keep getting a fantastic support from Vanessa and Sang. Once again thanks to Vanessa and Sang.”
Vikas Dewan, Bundoora, Victoria

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